Beneficial to the site is, of course, the Loch. It provides not only tremendous views and qualities of tranquillity but also terms passive energy. The design uses the water from the Loch as a source of energy to fuel a ground source heat pump, and if energy demands increased, the Loch could also feel a micro-hydro to meet them. The ground source heat pump will heat the room in winter and cool if necessary in summer. Due to Scotland’s varying climate, this is the most appropriate installation as the weather can fluctuate between hot and cold drastically within a short period. Balloch generally has a cold climate, so the ground source heat pump will facilitate to heat the space most of the time, where the thermal mass of the wall construction contributes to the warmth emitted within the building. Sheltering from the cold climate helping retain energy throughout the day.

1:100 South facing facade

1:100 East facing section

Rainwater collection

ground source heat pump illustration

sun, wind and route graphs