Cultural Renewal

Although markets and ballroom are fading from view, arts and culture are still a link between citizens and the city. This thesis hopes to continue the local culture of calton by providing a good community space, helping local people to build social connections and enhancing cultural exchange.

The Calton has few civic buildings and exchange space. Although the Barras gather some of the cultural venues.It’s hard to create a strong social connection between citizens through those single functional venues. So It is possible to create a community art cultural center in this area. A more open and multifunctional cultural centre would gathering people of all ages, Further promote exchanges between citizens. The arts centre could attempt to act as a fulcrum to connect Glasgow green , housing and markets, breaking down the boundaries between the calton area and the city. Therefore, the art culture of the barras can be sustained. People from different backgrounds and sectors collaborate together,and to play in the renewal of culture.

The building’s function is oriented towards three main directions: artistic dissemination, education and cultural exchange. It combines the main functions of a library, performance hall, gallery and co-working with open spaces for dining and outdoor interaction. Libraries provide more knowledge to local people, performance halls and galleries provide artistic atmosphere, co-working and art studios attract young people from different place to boost the economy of the area. A wide range of cultural activities will attract people with different needs and will also active the cultural scene in Barras.