Holding places

I was intrigued by Western rituals surrounding death which often deny the experience as collective and ongoing. I believe this is part of the grieving process, in which one or many become stuck in the stage of denial. Parallel to this fracturing of space from time is the continuity and entanglement of the life and death dichotomy.

The movement between being and non-being is lived and understood through the experience of trauma and loss. I considered how these understandings materialize within collective places of healing.



Through digitally rendered environments and animation, I hoped to simulate a state of disembodiment whist forming a holding space for stillness and reflection upon physical and spiritual death.

By integrating animation with installation, I attempted to form a bond or feedback loop between real and imagined spaces, hinting at the mimetic nature of memory and history. I believe digital spaces have spiritual implications and provide a kind of extension of time and space. The slow, cyclical animations may synchronize with the breath, and perhaps the anatomy of these places may integrate with the viewer’s present state.


Holding Places Both intimate, yet opposite, the anatomy of the home and hospital are entangled with personal and collective states of being.

Still from 'Holding space' animation. A room papered with a pattern of concealment, revealing what is inherated through the denial of loss.

Documentation of Holding places, degree show installation

Projection and screen showing looping animations

Documentation of Holding places, degree show installation

Wallpaper and curtains featuring motifs from adjacent animations