Degree Show Installation 2022

Within my exhibition space, I­ have constructed and curated­ my own floor-based ‘landscape’, as well as spatially engaging with the physical architecture of the space. Influenced by the architectural structures and materials of the urban landscape, my designs emulate the experience of navigating through these kind of spaces, echoing both the contours and structural forms of the urban environment. As visitors enter my space, they are encouraged to freely navigate my installation, gaining their own experience through their interaction with it. Throughout my installation, the viewer can delve into my work, with prints placed across different heights and surfaces on the arms of my structures. Running throughout my installation is a close focus on temporality and history, drawn from the materiality of the land and artefacts that are ingrained with traces of the past. Engaging with both deep time as well as human and personal histories, I seek to uncover this depth of history inherent within their physical matter. The traces of human presence embedded in our physical surroundings is something that fascinates me, and it draws me to explore and uncover it through detailed photographic and wider exploration. Realising these ideas through my practice, I have drawn together a set of works that explore this cross section of histories and experiences.