Craftsmanship and apprenticeships; Domesticity and the fruits of labour

Through the careful placement of three buildings, a new avenue is created. On one side the resident joiners, carpenters, brickmakers and potters can be witnessed at work, while on the other the fruits of their labour are displayed and sold in a public gallery. The building can also be used for lessons, workshops and events on the upper levels. High-density housing is reintroduced to the site, and facilitates both social and professional exchange. Wide access decks and loggias create a communal environment, and joker rooms between the adaptable flats allow for apprentices to live within the family homes on a temporary basis. Flats can grow and shrink to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the residents. Modern ways of living meet traditional ways of working in this nostalgic project which aims to to re-unite the seller with the craft, the buyer with the maker, and the apprentice with the master.

Domesticity and Labour in the Barras