A Journey – Becoming A Citizen Representative

The Future Experiences project had us working within the realm of cancer care in the near future (2030), we were to explore the changes to educating medical professionals in this time in relation to Collective Intelligence and the new opportunities this would provide. As a group we developed a world built upon global connectivity and community driven care, in return, I myself went on to develop a new role and system that would allow for the gap between community and global reach to be fulfilled – The Citizen Representative. This role would act as one of our many ‘citizen aid’ roles that we developed, a role that would not only need unique medical training but also exemplify skills in community out reach and leadership. The developed system would afford the opportunity for the role to understand what training and skills are requiered for them to have to provide the best care possible to their communities unique needs and help to develop trust.




The group developed world introduced a large varierty of potential new roles and jobs that may exist in the future of healthcare, exploring how these roles interact with each other was my primary focus for the individual section of this project


A system was developed so that these new roles could view this same information themselves, offering them the ability to make more effective changes to their care and training within their community.


An ironed out version of the future time line was developed in order to better portray the change in the future landscape, but also to mark out the moments and events that may take place for one particular person on their journey to becoming a citizen representative.


This new role and system should all be public knowledge, helping to progress the idea of community care and making sure that everyone feels welcomed and cared for.