A Landscape Known

Eucalyptus bark

dead bark, curled and fallen to the Fettercairn ground, the foot of the mountain, one hundred miles from here, and so much further from its native home

soaked for three days on a waxing moon, boiled for two hours on a Sunday morning, pH2


you understood time by picking o the singing trumpets of lichen, fallen with a branch, fallen into your hands, it smells like rain, so rain

4oz of oak moss, 3oz of old man’s beard boiled up and soaked overnight one piece of silk reaching across two pans to intertwine the colour, pH5

Aronia berries

6lbs, picked in summer from a fruiting garden, so and sweet and frozen now, steam rising as boiling water covers them

heated for two or three hours left to sleep in their red water overnight, woken with a gentle heat in the morning, drained