12 minutes, 30 seconds, Colour, Stereo, 16:9

Original format: HD Digital File

ABABCB is the standard musical form structure for Pop songs. Anguera plays with the historical parallels of formula efficiency since the 60s occurring in the Pop Music Industry as in Silicon Valley tech-corporations. The video visually intertwines re-recorded archival footage from marketing ads of early computer technology superimposed with a contemplative day in the life of an aspiring pop artist. Anguera constructs an abstract documentary guided



through an internal monologue by the young artist surrounding themes such as the past and present use of LSD and the desires amplified by the media to pursue a global presence or fame. ABABCD uses symbolic examples in respective fields to articulate the similarities in approach by culture and capitalism. Examples such as the pop hit Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) by the Swedish band ABBA (1979), then sampled by Madonna – Hung Up or the last issue by the American counterculture magazine The Whole Earth Catalogue now used to inspire Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.