Accessible Editorial

This project took the form of editorial gifs of which the main purpose is to take what would usually be a complex subject matter and distil it down in a visually accessible way. The articles have all been extracted from the New Humanist magazine, and tackle themes such as mental health, the workplace environment, confirmation bias online, and our biological makeup. I have followed a process of analysing the text, mocking up a design that condenses the information into appropriate imagery, and conducting test movements before assembling the final gif.

This gif was created to occur alongside an article titled 'Rewiring the Brain', which discusses the comeback of electro-convulsive therapy as a cure for depression.



This gif focused on representing an article entitled 'How to Build an Animal' which focused on the biological make-up of animals and how DNA forms us

Untitled_Artwork 3

'What a Way to Work' discusses the mounting pressure that the workplace environment can have on our mental health