Am I Pretty?

Am I Pretty?” was the title of the video game designed as part of my BSc research dissertation considering the place of video games and other forms of interactivity as fine art, in the context of exhibition and gallery spaces. The game is an art game that is a parody on traditional character creation systems in games, inspired by the way that players use digital avatars as a form of fantasy – and how this fantasy may represent feelings of dysmorphia.

The game is designed as an example of a game in exhibition, and uses webcam functionality to provide visual feedback to the player. The application aesthetic is inspired by collage techniques used in traditional art practice, as collage is often used as a method of visually communicating body dysmorphia.

Genre: Art Game, Exhibition Piece

Engine: Unity

Development Period: September 2021 – April 2022 (Dissertation)

Platform: PC

Who Am I?


A screenshot of an interactive video game exhibition piece. A webcam displays the users face as the background whilst a collage of faces aligns itself. The user can change their gender and age with sliders. In the foreground, the application tells the user they're "gorgeous", and confetti sprays everywhere.

You're Gorgeous!