An Unusual Traveller

An Unusual Traveller who breaks all travel restrictions by taking me to my friends around the world: I thus cling to physical contact in this only digital age.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is keeping us apart from each other. We cannot physically see each other, touch each other directly, or have certain experiences together. So I felt the need and the necessity to create a medium that would bring us closer and which would give, in these repetitive days of lockdown, a greater incentive to those who receive it.

‘Touching’ is nowadays off-limits. We cannot touch each other and as soon as we touch an object outside the house we have to immediately disinfect it fearing it might infect us. The little book at this point could sound like a provocation because it will be touched by more people. However, I believe that it is essential to re-establish human contact, even though remotely. Because I maintain that only the touch lets you experience certain sensations that technology cannot.

To break the monotony of these days, I decided to create a challenging book. That is a book in which people not only share an activity that makes them particularly happy on these lockdown days but also challenge the following people to have the same experience and leave a personal comment.

What do you find happiness in? This is the question I intend to ask people. And even in its simplicity, it conceals disarming importance. In fact, during this period each of us had to change our habits, had to reorganise our lives and had to find new little daily joys. But what are these joys? Why do not we share them with other people in this little booklet? In this way, we can empathise
with others, feel less lonely, have fresh motivation and create something Together. Because it is important to remember that We Are Not Alone. We are all suffering this situation and we will all get out of it soon.

And so, without pretence, as if we were drinking coffee with friends, we let ourselves go with thoughts, memories, small gestures that nevertheless manage to convey the warmth of a hug. Everyone has something to say in an open but easily dispatchable space: a cooking recipe, a fragment of life, a dried leaf, the wrapper of a chocolate, colours, scents, thoughts.

A couple of days ago I was the first one to send the little book, after having messed it up a bit with my pen and my fantasy. I had drawn up a list to define its journey through Europe: from Glasgow to Bari, from Verona to Brussels, from Delft to London. And in these weeks, as it has travelled, it has filled up in an original, heartfelt way. I cannot wait for the little book to come back to me to read the words and thoughts of my friends.

An Unusual Traveller

An Unusual Traveller