Argon: Dignifying Augmentation


‘Argon’ is my final, self-initiated project. The name is both the project’s title and the name of a developed brand and the concept proposition.


The context of my project is human augmentation – a process of improving mental and physical capabilities. My interest in the topic is around issues of impairment and restriction of mobility in people from all age groups, but particularly the elderly. I believe it is important to challenge the restraints of the human body on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, in this project, I aimed to develop products and a brand that would offer augmented products and service that would preserve a person’s sense of dignity and wellbeing as they age and encounter physical impairment.


In consultation with users and stakeholders, the brand ‘Argon’ emerged with its ‘Ar/Cane’ walking stick. An assistive technology, that challenges the stigma, and negative perception (amongst users) associated with assistive products.  ‘Ar/Cane’ is one of a range of products designed to keep users active and safe, whilst providing unique, personal, and desirable functionality. The ‘Argon’ service offers the user the capacity to customize, choose materials, patterns, and augmentative functions to their needs and liking.

Primary Values

A map of values drawn from insights from user research. One of the most significant findings in people's responses to questions around ageing focused on issues around dignity. I understood from this that dignity is not one particular emotion but a combination of multiple factors.

User journey example

Argon and its products are supposed to augment and support their users throughout their lives.


The design evolved around the designs of assistive devices and hiking poles. Ar/Cane is a combination of both due to its 'splitting' feature.

Brand Product Overview

Ar/Cane is not only innovative but also highly personal. The brand experience revolves around the idea of people being happy with obtaining augmentative goods. Therefore, Ar/Cane is highly customizable. The ordering process consists of designing the personal cane (materials, colors, etc.), testing, and managing augmentations via a mobile app.

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