Art in Hospital: Scanography

Student Placement with Art in Hospital

Between November 2021 and April 2022, I undertook a student placement with Art in Hospital, an organisation which delivers an ongoing visual arts programme for patients in the healthcare areas of Medicine for Older People, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care and Community and Mental Health across the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde region of Scotland. The placement took place in Greenfield Park Care Home, The New Victoria Hospital and the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

To work collaboratively with patients through the Art in Hospital programme, I proposed a series of workshops on ‘scanography’, the
practice of using a regular document scanner to produce creative photographs. A flatbed scanner is quite different from a traditional camera. Rather than being captured all at once, a digital image is built up bit-by-bit as an internal light illuminates objects placed on the scanner’s glass bed. This technique is a little experimental, but it strikes a balance between the technological and natural methods, as traces of dust and smudges of light are caught up in each digital image

In an effort to explore the creative capacity of the scanner in a hospital and care home setting, participants were invited to experiment with
placing a variety of objects and materials onto the scanner. Some participants arranged objects in an energetic and spontaneous style,
while others took a slower approach, considering the orientation of every object on the surface of the glass. To me, each scan reveals the depths of the participants’ creative abilities, and showcases their intuitive and ingenious approaches to technology.

A publication, titled ‘Scanography’, was made to document the work made by patients throughout this placement, and an interview of my thoughts on the project with Art in Hospital artist Daisy Richardson is available here.

Interview with Daisy Richardson for the AIH: Through a Window website.

Scanography Publication (pdf Version)