Artists Statement: I make it because I have to

What is your Artist’s Statement they ask? Like it’s so easy to sum up your practice in a few easy to digest sentences. What do I talk about? My concepts? My materials? My process?

My practice is without boundaries so I struggle with even beginning to define it. It’s the thoughts I think, the words I read, the films I watch, the people I observe. It’s a cliché, but it’s true, it’s the way I see. It’s an expression of my experience, it’s what matters to me, it’s overflowing with my truth, and it’s unapologetically me.

It’s materiality and process, it’s what grounds me when psychosis takes me out of the tangible. I regurgitate my darkroom ritual, I repeat days spent painting liquid light blindly over shattered glass. It calms me and pulls me from of the storm Complex PTSD threatens to engulf me in.

Artists Statement