A’s Story

‘A’, who wishes to remain anonymous, was forced to flee his home country of Syria after the kidnap and killing of his cousin. After years of living in fear, he made the difficult decision to travel in search of asylum and applied in the UK. When I met ‘A’ to hear his story and photograph him, he had been in hotel detention for months without any money from the government and no legal right to work. He was hit by a shell in Syria before leaving, and was ignored by the Home Office as well as MEARS group when reaching out multiple times for documents to be able to access healthcare. This is just one story of the many who were forced into hotel detention as a response to lockdown. In 2020 alone, twenty nine people died in Home Office accommodation across the UK, three of which were in Glasgow. ‘What is my fate?’ tells ‘A’s’ story in both English and Arabic, containing six photographs in between translations. This project is in its early stages.

English front cover

Arabic front cover