Barras Communal Social Housing

With an opportunity for a housing proposal in the heart of the historic Barras district of Glasgow brings the opportunity for a new approach to housing in the area – while specifically working to tackle child poverty which has historically been an issue across Scotland for decades.

This proposal suggests that a communal, co-living experience would work to home and provide purpose for both the adults and children in families suffering from poverty – as well as create a healthy community that could interact with the existing Barras district to help in its rejuvenation and repurpose itself.

Through several shared living spaces between two families but separate sleeping quarters the housing itself provides a support network aided by the development of a community hub with multi-purpose halls, nursery and study areas. On site care can provide support in a more professional manner, with education and recreation opportunities for both adults and children helping to provide a stable environment for the inhabitants.

Domestic Approach:

Communal living to create support network for parents – providing stable environments for education, socialisation and development skills.

Labour Approach:

Defined indoor and outdoor work spaces – dedicated study and independent work spaces contrasted with the shared central space including maintaining an intensely planted garden area.

sketch visual

looking to communal housing

aerial view of the proposal

within context including the refurbishment of buildings on London and Stevenson Street

location plan

within the east end of glasgow

site plan

showing retained buildings and new developments in the barras

Exploded Axonometric

showing the different communal and private spaces

standard unit floor plans

ground floor - kitchen and dining space first floor (and more depending on family size) - bedroom spaces second floor - lounge and balcony space top floor - private study and roof garden

ground floor site plan in context

first floor site plan

front elevation

bain street view

various unit plans

showing the changes made to the existing buildings as well as the corner and smaller individual units - all in scale

Community Hub Plans

ground floor - multi-purpose hall and community hub first floor - nursery and caretaking spaces second floor - small library and education spaces third floor - private spaces and study areas

perspective section

through unit in context

sketch visual

looking to community centre