Barras Digital Music + Arts Center

The Barras has numerous locations where artists can practice traditional studio arts, but the means for producing and recording new forms of electronic-based music or producing digital art are absent from both the Barras and central Glasgow more broadly. The tools used in producing electronic music and art are notoriously expensive and inaccessible to the average person. The building aims to make these tools highly accessible and the world of digital creation highly visible so that creators have the potential to collaborate and learn from one another in a physical space. To this end, the project includes not only spaces for creation, but also spaces to experience the music and art that is being created throughout the building in both formal and informal ways, using material as an atmospheric language.
This project ties into existing creative infrastructure on the site, The Space, where artists rent studios and exhibit their work. The Space will continue to operate while new structures are being constructed on the site. After the new portions of the building are completed, the existing building can be adaptively reused by inserting a new timber structure and its reconfiguring the interior layout to allow for an expanded program that includes a range of creative spaces including traditional artist studios, digital art stations, electronic music spaces, practice rooms and educational facilities for enhancing community knowledge in using digital resources related to audio and visual production.

Site Diagram

Expanding on themes from the district proposal, the landscape surrounding the building is proposed as a rain garden, extending the micro-intervention from the street to full-site intervention. Holes in urban fabric are filled, and existing buildings on the site are maintained to reduce emissions associated with construction.