Barras Housing

A mixed-use housing development in the East End of Glasgow, designed with the intention of enhancing resident experience through emphasis on their social and biophilic needs. Ground Floor facilities including gyms, wet rooms, lounges and meeting spaces combine with informal outdoor spaces to provide residents with constant opportunities to create and interact.

A major consideration of the project was shared spaces and facilities, encouraging collaboration constantly. The mixture of solo, family and communal units will invite up to 40 residents of all ages. The preserved buildings on site will retain ground floor function, updated to invite customers from both the street and courtyard. The upper floors will be repurposed as open plan studios with large opening to the courtyard, reflecting the street facades and allowing maximal natural light and views into the lively space.

Perspective Short Section

London Road Elevation

Bain Street Elevation

Stevenson Street Elevation

Courtyard Visualisation

Ground Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plans

Short Section

Long Section