Barras Play Centre

Over 1 in 3 children in Glasgow are living in poverty, with the highest rates in the ward of Calton, where this project is located. Calton is lacking safe and engaging spaces for children. It has been proven through numerous studies that play is essential to cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being – it also boosts confidence, self-esteem, and improves social skills in children. As we are approaching a post-pandemic society, these skills are critical points of development that children have been deprived of in the past two years. Within this context, this project proposes a play centre for children aged 2-12, designed to offer a space that children feel comfortable and safe in to encourage and facilitate curiosity through independent exploration, and a sense of ownership over the space. The building is located next to housing for single mothers (as designed within my housing project), further making the building appropriate in the context.

Barras Play Centre and Housing for Single Mothers

Bain Street