Bench for Marguerite and Joan

The printed tiles are lino prints of objects from my grandmothers, Joan and Marguerites, houses. When they passed away, I was reminded of the importance of belongings and the way they can preserve aspects of life. There collections of things have provided comfort to my family and allowed us to remember there different interests or aspects of there personality. I put the tiles onto a wooden bench I made and with help from friends mosaiced the rest. A bench is a neutral and communal space, open for all. As my grandmothers where both very chatty and friendly, they loved meeting people. I hope this bench provides a space for that and a time to remember someone we now miss. Thanks to Millie, Flora and Mel for the help and my grandmothers.

On display at Woodlands Community Garden Glasgow, 24th May- 4th June

6 ft x 2 ft, wood, grout, ceramic tile