Bo’ness Library & Gallery

The Bo’ness Library & Gallery is designed to be a distinct, attractive and new superstructure in the town with the capacity to bring stimulating functions and conviviality, by adapting and reusing the existing historic library. Evolving from an insignificant idea of nature displacing and reoccupying manmade structures, the project has since proposed creating a pristine and transformative landmark which has the potential to revive and restore the vibrancy and liveliness of Bo’ness in a sustainable way.

After overcoming the setback where the notion of a glass dome was checking the advance, the project has seen major struggles and breakthroughs. Concepts such as the Progressive interaction rooms to stimulate multigenerational and multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge and skills, a reading tower with balconies and central lightwell, and a bright transparent convivial room have all been concretised.