Visual notation, an approach to evidencing certain events.

Nothing Much interesting

Three hand bound books titled ‘Nothing Much Interesting’ have been placed in a local Waterstones bookshop







Bothy systems

I.    Travel alone to a bothy

Take potatoes

Stay for 3 days

Bury all left over potatoes

II.  Return 4 months later to harvest.

The image is an excerpt from ‘Bothy Systems’, to purchase the visual zine version (hand bound and cut by Vita Lerche) contact:



Four corners to a square

Four individuals use 15kg of salt to outline a square under live surveillance. A trace is left on a webcam database and is available to watch at

Edited by Vita Lerche, featuring Mashu Harada, Justinas Benikasas, Finn Rosenbaum, Maria Makarof and Vita Lerche. Recorded by John Whittle.

Original footage available at:


Approaching the potato battery

Seven individuals were invited to find and experience a battery constructed out of 80 potatoes in a disused tunnel.

Of those seven:

three arrived easily

three had to be lead

one ended up going to a strangers flat





Nothing Much Interesting, Book 1 of 3