Boundless Dimensions

There exist versions of the world we will never know in the music that we don’t hear. This project provides a glimpse into the different ways people experience spaces beyond the reach and comprehension of physicality as spatial designers.

In fast-paced city life, it can be hard to take a pause and discover yourself when it is a struggle to keep on top of things. To learn your value as an individual and place in your world, not have your worth measured by your contributions to a cold, capitalist-driven society. While it remains a daunting task, some indulge through their music as they bear the mundanity of the everyday.

Ty Cullen kickstarted this video project (Hey New York! What Are You Listening To) in 2011, and it had since taken its own life when it began trending and emulated worldwide. Watching it in 2021 feels like a time capsule of these moments, which are somewhat nostalgic.

The medium of music is suited to the individual’s preference, background, and feelings. These glimpses of personalities give rise to varying imageries of how we experience spaces around us quite differently.

The added dimensionality beyond the physicality of space makes these same spaces feel capable of many experiences. This layout is a reading of the potential reasons why they’re listening to these particular songs/artists in their environment.

Singapore’s ‘tracklist’ conveys a strong sense of self and identity through the genre of music they identify it whether it is mainstream or alternative. However, this experience seems to be rather introspective and lack a relationship with their surroundings. They feel detached from their surroundings, thereby inauthentic.

Surrounded by monotonous and seemingly uninspiring public spaces, it is hard to be confident and embrace our individuality. Perhaps due to our cultural differences, we appear to be more conservative. But at what cost? Is it so bad to allow for the freedom for one to express themselves. Driven by site observations and storytelling, I’ve curated some playlists based on various personas I have observed at the site to tell their story of their void deck at Blk 32 Chai Chee Ave.

Upon the reflection of our interventions as spatial designers, I’ve realised that we are heavily dependent on organic inhabitation and adaptation of the spaces. The added dimension of individuality could perhaps lend to another path of adventure. One where we may better understand the intricacies of the collective occupation of a space. To be aware of the other.


Surrounded by monotonous and seemingly uninspiring public spaces, it is hard to be confident and embrace our individuality.

Spherical Experience

Music is an incredibly personalised experience.

Fast-paced city life

Morning Funk

The energy of the mornings present endless opportunities.


The harsh, vivid afternoon that people seek respite from.


Energetic, invigorating night experience.

Exhibition Space

An exhibition space powered by bluetooth headphones to provide an intimate experience of stepping into another's worldview.

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