Burnt Toast on Tablecloth, The Lovers Triptych

Burnt Toast on Table Cloth, The Lovers Triptych

Oil on linen

123 x 138 cm

The burnt toast on the tablecloth is the locality of this love. Through the food she prepares and the warming tea she stews, she pours her love into this domestic space, and yet he seems to resent it.

The Lovers Triptych is a series of three paintings that explore the transitional stages of intimate relationships within the domestic setting. They are an exploration into contemporary depictions of Venus and Mars, inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s 1483 panel painting ‘Mars and Venus’. Each painting has a separate and contained narrative, as well as bearing a relationship as a triptych and timeline of how relationships mature and change. Are these a study of closeness or distance?

Burnt Toast on Tablecloth

Oil on Linen 123 x 138 cm
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