Calton District Proposal

In the proposed Calton district, boundaries occur along the railway to the North and West, Glasgow Green to the South, and Abercrombie Road to the East. As a strategy for reconnecting this area to the city centre and responding to the high concentration of impermeable surfaces in Calton, vacant land is strategically densified along commercial zones and re-aggregated into parcels for use as blue-green infrastructure that aids the city in water management. In the northeast corner of the district, the Cattle Market site acts as a central node that will be used for capturing stormwater overflow and providing the community with trails and recreational spaces that connect Calton to Dennistoun. A series of green corridors reduce traffic lanes by adding rain gardens and cycle infrastructure, weaving together the pockets of commercial activity with proposed mixed-use developments bordering the Cattle Market site.

Cattle Market Wetland Park

Visualization of Cattle Market site. Sheds have been repurposed for public gathering. Native water-loving species aid in absorbing stormwater after heavy rainfall.

Proposed Square

Visualization of proposed public square to the Northeast of the district’s core, the Barras. This space allows the market additional space to expand on fine days. Existing buildings at the perimeter remain with a proposal that additional stories be constructed for housing and a warehouse building be converted for use as a community workshop by existing stakeholders.