Calton Heritage Gallery and Textile Academy

Un architecte sans conscience est une catastrophe-L.S.-

Today’s Calton district: Ghost-town
– Weekdays: no activities and events
– Weekend: Barras Market
Developing this region without any destinations will cause gentrification and the locals will lose their place.
– re-identification: Calton was historically a textile hub of Glasgow. So, bringing back the textile industry will attract visitors from the city centre with less reluctance from local people.
– Educational institute will regenerate the district with young students during the weekdays and

weekend, and reactivate the local economy.
– Ultimately, the circular economy: Fabrication of textile and production of fabric products and selling

Barras Market will be the key to reviving Calton district with its heritage but without radical gentrification.

Spatial Organisation:
– GF: public spaces are located for accessibility. e.g. (Exhibition and Calton Heritage Gallery)
1F: Transition spaces such as libraries or amphitheatres are mainly designed for students but

are open to the public. Tutors’ and admin. Offices are also located.
– 2,3F: is only for the Textile Academy. Weaving and knitting Ateliers and studios are located and the building is designed with consideration of extension with two existing neighbour buildings: Fashion and textile academy.
– Hall: works as a visual and physical connection in the heart of this building. It gathers and distributes visitors to each space and it can be an extension of exhibition spaces for some public and local events.

– Keeping the Victorian urban context and its dense morphology.
– Translating its ornamental facade composition into the contemporary architectural language with inspiration from patchworks.

Choice of Materials:
Harmony of disorders
– Using diverse materials represents well the atmosphere of Barras Market

Stone, brick, corrugated polycarbonate, concrete for the facade and corrugated metal plates for the framework to be harmonious with existing buildings.
– Highlighting the entrance with Mozaic marble and metal fabric facade indicates directly the regional

heritage: textile.
– Mixing the structural materials to clarify the usage of spaces : Concrete: Public spaces on GF Steel: academic places and Timber structure: Hall.

Meaning of this building:
– Connection between the past and the future of Calton district.





Hall View

Weaving Atelier View



Model-Hall Structure


Patch Works

Technical detail