Cancer Empathy Network

After the end of treatment, cancer patients often describe that they feel “like they have fallen off a cliff”. This project addresses this issue and attempts to solve it by helping people after cancer treatment connect with people with specific knowledge, such as other cancer survivors, carers, or doctors. Users can also add their family members and friends to create their own empathy network to notify their close ones whenever they are in need of support. Additionally, there is a suite of tools, handy objects with different textures, that can be used to soothe the user while waiting for a connection.


This video shows a user using Cancer Empathy Network.

Texture exploration

I have looked into various textures to determine how they make a person feel. Findings from this research were used in creation of the suite of tools that come with CEN kit.

The suite of tools

These come with the CEN kit. Top left object is used for communication, while the rest are used for soothing. Each has unique texture helps with anxiety and stress.