Care Totem

A care totem is a group of objects specifically designed to break the chain of care that has become apparent since the introduction of care communities in 2025. The British government’s implementation of the Care Totem aims to bring care to the people that care for others within these communities and feel entangled within their care responsibilities and their home environment.

By using the 4 critical care languages; being seen, heard, comforted and connected Care Totem hopes to not only care for the user but also help them to recognise when they may need care and what kind of care they need at that time. Each part of the totem represents one of these care languages and offers a different service to the user. Each of these services will be altered depending on the user’s needs and how they like to be cared for thus creating a symbiotic relationship where they work together to break the chain of care.

Service map

Be Heard

Be Connected

Be Seen

Be Comforted