Working at home is becoming more and more common, and with the outbreak of covid,many people are forced to work at home. When working from home, separating work and family life is crucial, not only more efficient at work, but also more relaxed when resting.

In this design, the working area is on the second floor and the family space is on the first floor. There is no need to pass through the family living space to reach the work area when entering from the threshold. The privacy of the family can be guaranteed even when there are visitors. In addition, at the end of work, you need to go downstairs to reach the resting space. This long road can make it easier for people to switch off.

The double-high living and dining room and the small balcony on the first floor bring plenty of light to the second floor. At the same time, the windows between the second floor and the first floor can be opened when needed to facilitate ventilation and communication with the living room。




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