As labor and home become increasingly intertwined, new forms of living need to focus on balancing the two. Working at home without clear zoning can easily lead to low productivity, and if located in a co-working space, it can easily be disturbed by the noise. Balancing the comfort of a private space and the efficiency of work is the focus of this project.

In this project, a simple living space is provided for young people who work mostly from home, such as writers, designers or craftsmen. The ground floor as the main living space includes a dining room, a double-height parlor, and a bedroom will be located in the most private part of the ground floor; the first floor provides a separate work space to help people leave the distractions of family behind and focus on their work. In this way the productive and the domestic are connected, but are clearly separated vertically. When this residential form comes together to form a residential cluster, the terrace and work area on the first floor can be transformed into a platform for communal connection.