Cellular Domestic Unit

With labour and domesicity increasingly combined in our lives, with this approach I sought to make the two work together in a space that looked to the future and so could be adjustable depending on the needs of the occupants.

I centred the unit around three cores of: circulation, kitchen and balcony space, and bathroom space. These can be configured in a way for single or communal occupants, shown in the various options in plan. However I also explored the idea of separating each function across a floor and making the ‘unit’ into a tower form – with an area of 40m2 for each floor it can accommodate the brief in this way also.

As a result, plans where the functions of kitchen space, bedrooms, living and working/study spaces are all spilit up depending on the floor – effectively creating a cohousing tower – can be seen on the next pages also, with the entrance floor which could also act as an open workshop/store below.

View from Proposed Unit

long section view of stacked units

axonometric of unit example

base plan and example option

additional unit plan options

additional unit plan options

cross section through stacked units

exterior view of proposal