Center for Recreational Performance

My thesis for Urban Building explores the intersection of music performance and sport. The building I propose is a Center for Recreational Performance where the primary purpose is participation. Performance is a collective act between the performer and the audience. Performers shape the environment for themselves and others. This civic building is an experimentation of the ideas of bringing sport (predominantly football) and music together in a space under the same roof. This intersectional relationship that creates the program and the architecture of this building reflects notions of queerness.

This project is not only to carve a space for the existence of queer bodies; not to make it exclusive. Instead it is a performance and recreational venue that encourages play and expression. The building offers infrastructure that allows for participation in performance.


Facade Detail

Street View

Performance Hall //2

Performance Hall //1

Site Axo


Detailed Section

Short Section

Building Program Map

Site//Roof Plan


Winter Garden

Performance Hall

Gibson Street View

Ground Floor

Second Floor

First Floor

Ground Floor Mezzanine