Additional Areas

Paediatric Dermatology

Paediatric Dermatology, also known as child dermatology is an area dedicated to treating children. Children's skin are viewed differently to adults so it was important to include this. By using pastels and unique designs for certain aspects like the door invites the children to become interactive with its design which aims to sort of distract the children whilst being in that professional and scary setting, trying to make them and their parents more at ease and feel comfortable in this environment.

Psyschodermatology Area

Psychodermatology- a space that tackles both mind and body/skin. The treatment itself involves therapy-like sessions. This design aims to further enhance this type of treatment with the use of water and privacy. By creating cylindrical rooms within a bigger cylindrical acrylic glass tank, creates that feeling of being isolated and cut off from the world which further aims to tackle that first barrier clients struggle with which is to feel at ease and feel safe and comfortable to be able to share their personal thoughts etc about their issues. Water is proven to stimulate calmness and to have mind-healing properties which is why being surrounded by water can be a really important factor when enhancing this type of treatment which I have utilized.