Collaborative Futures

Collaborative Futures is an academic project which runs in partnership between the Innovation School at Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and the Centre for Civic Innovation (CCI) at Glasgow City Council over a four-month period. This project forms a significant part of the Masters of European (MEDes) final year of study at GSA, together with graduates of the Innovation School’s M.Des program, and is the third iteration of Collaborative Futures with CCI as the project partner.

This year’s brief Glasgow’s Food Futures: Neighbourhoods of Innovation 2031 asked the project team to explore the Glasgow food system and the ways in which it impacts both people and place in order to help inform new social innovations for the city. At its core, the project was an exploration of social innovation and speculative futures, storytelling as a means to communicate ideas and invite collaboration.

Our collaborative approach used a bespoke co-production strategy to engage with diverse stakeholders including our partners at CCI and Glasgow Council, academics, experts, civic stakeholders, local growers, producers and citizens. Through exploration, we identified new opportunities for Glasgow’s future that seek to augment abundance, equity, identity, dignity and choice. Our future vision sets out opportunities for devolved and decentralised civic power, using neighbourhood strategies to engage under-served communities so that all may be given a seat at the table.

“If we give citizens a voice to enable them to create an environment they love, respect and care for, together – are we not building creative, successful, respectful citizens for the future?”

Local resident