The piece ‘Collector’ was an invitation to collaborate with a motion design artist on the sound design and audio for a short 3D visual piece – Collector. The piece made its debut at  OFFF Barcelona 2021’s online festival.

For the visual conceptualisation, the designer described it as an attempt to merge the worlds of science and art together – intertwining and merging. The designer set out to create new forms of existing elements, mutating them into something almost totally different, but with a familiarity of the original. An example of this is taking a rock, and then visualising it as a fluid element rather than a solid. This fluid would still have the elements of the rock, but the combination of the two elements pushes it into a new form.


After walking through the concept for the visuals, I wondered how it could be applied in an audio perspective. I felt visually it would be easier to conceptualise this work, but how to you achieve it with audio? How can you make a rock sound like a fluid? For this, I felt one of the best ways to progress with it was to break down the audio elements using the method of granular synthesis.


The main focus of the musical composition was the piano piece. The shine from the piano harmonics and melody work to reflect the glossy textures from the objects. The flow of the piano from the intro attempts to merely set the theme using chords and lingering notes. As the video progresses with the close ups of the objects the music changes, and the pianos pace begins to speed up.


The underlying rhythm generated by the claps and the synth melody are used to build tension in the next few shots. These come to a resolution when the piano is brought back to be the main focus, paired back to highlight the end of the visuals and into the credits.