“Colour and Touch”

To start my project off I took photographs of things around me that I found intriguing, then collating and grouping as I went along. I then set my focus more on colours and textures resulting in the creation of the  colour  bank of information that I could mix and match when it came to design exploration as I had already matched the yarns to the desired colours and textures found in my images.

The “Colour and Touch” collection appeals to the tactile senses. I have explored this by playing with interesting textured yarns as well as making engaging structures through the uses of elastic that make the fabric more interactive and touchable. For example, a few of the pieces resemble a bubble wrap like feel. The raised chunky, circle figuring is made more prominent and 3D with the use of elastic in-between, engaging our tactile senses to push and squeeze the 3d form.

My textiles for this project have been designed to be worn on the body or near, as a bag or accessory, so that the fabric can be accessible to touch by the wearer.