Comfort Food

Our food choices are influenced by more and more external factors now, such as social, economic and productivity developments. I was interested in this and tried to explore the current relationship between humans and food.

I try to find the answers to these two questions through my research: What is food to us now? What are we thinking about when we choose food?

From the perspective of an individual, the close relationship between humans and food is stable and safe.

It seems that we choose food according to its functionality and our growth needs, but our upbringing and familiar experiences actually shape our food taste preferences.

When our brain evaluates food, the affective part has the greatest influence. For most people, favourite food symbolises some comfort memories that make us feel pleasure and relax, that is why the food can bring us a sense of safety.

Soft Burger

Sleeping Ice Cream

Fried Egg

Cloth Pizza

Sushi, sushi

Strawberry Cake

Warm Dog