To conclude the projects done, all 3 topics are tied together closely with the idea of provoking the current state of Singapore’s Public Housing.

The Form – tackles the architecture view of how Singapore’s public housing could become when we start designing from the interior space. It is also evident for people to witness the change that happened from the form of the building. As we begin to steer away from the idea of Form Follows Function, we can also start freeing ourselves from the system.

The Function – It starts to think of activities that occurs within the Singapore’s public housing. Developing from major events over the nation, certain functions starts to transpire in the space. Provoking the functions through envisioning scenarios, thus resulting a change in the spaces, shows the versatility of Singapore’s public housing.

The Fabrication – stretches the flexibility of the space through exploration of construction techniques. Provoking a change in the traditional way of construction(pre-fabrication), can help in cutting the time and wastage of materials.

Therefore, when we put all 3 topics together, I created a speculated HDB build-to-order(BTO) apartment of the friends policies. The idea is to shape the future of how HDB can look in the future.