Connection with Land

After spending considerable amounts of time back home in Nairn through the lockdown of 2020, I became curious of the mythical connection to the environment especially in the Highlands where historically there would have been a lot of mythical beliefs about the land and mother nature. My interest was to research and explore these ancestral beliefs to see how we can, today, become closer to ‘Mother Nature’ and the land we live on.

Through various explorations in the project from cairns to libations, and photographic technique ‘phytography’ I began creating this experimental body of work, not yet resolved, I hope to carry this project forward in discovering more about the area I am from.


“It’s very much about the contact between the plant and the film strip. [It’s not unlike] what we are going through now, this idea of contact between two things, [I]t’s very much about you as an artist going out there, touching the plants, selecting the kinds of pieces that you want to use [It’s] sort of a conversation. [I]n a way, it’s all about touch.”


Karel Doing