Control Station

The Establishment of the Sense of Control


The sense of control is an important factor that is prioritized in the Fiction House, to allow individuals to feel a sense of personal choice in the uptake and implementation of their recovery. To make harnessing the sense of control a creative engagement process, the design strategy is built on deconstructing healing into layers within the space. Because everyone’s healing journey is uniquely different, the many healing surfaces in the space will be beneficial to provide flexibility, making it more digestible, adding to the overall inviting experience.

The healing layers are categorized into 4 main methods: ‘Heal with You’, ‘Heal with Care’ ‘Heal with Support’ ‘Heal with Fiction’.  These are represented as ‘Control Cards’ and are the main interactive feature in the space.



Control Cards

The ‘Control Cards’ offers visitors and residents the opportunity to define their own recovery journey, through a guided immersive experience by allowing them to choose the activity they want to participate in. This feature uses playful yet clear symbols, making it an accessible quality of the journey.

Control Station Structure

The control cards are present in the ‘Control Station’, a landmark which is present on each floor of the Fiction House for ease of access. This strategy can act as a tool to boost their confidence and independence when there is no staff around, developing a creative and playful engagement process.

Control Station Interaction

Interactions and Zones in the Control Station


Storyboard exploring the playful engagement process to define their own recovery journey within the Fiction House.