Creative Campus

A centre for the learning, performance, research and celebration of music within the Calton District.

Responding to the existing context, it aims to form part of a creative campus, drawing upon existing adjacent cultural landmarks – often overlooked for their transformative potential – to target poverty, education and employment. By providing a visible, accessible and approachable place for learning, coupled with the provision of free music lessons for young people, the architectural and pedagogical traditions which have long permeated classical music venues and institutions are reframed.

The explicit articulation of programme is achieved via a close dialogue between the public realm and internal space. A broad variety of performance spaces allow consumption of music both passively and actively for those with and without an existing musical knowledge base.

Intentionally intimate spaces with distinct architectural expressions allow the user to form close personal relationships with the spaces, in turn affording the building an intimacy with the community in which it serves. This directly counters the abstract design rationales and institutional agendas present within the musical “object building”.

A shallow floor plan and fragmented massing allows a visual permeability and legibility regarding the teaching, rehearsal and performance of music – removing the mystique and fear surrounding a lack of knowledge or etiquette.

Defined tectonic relationships and material gestures form an assemblage of distinct spaces for the user to inhabit. Moving away from the large object building and civic institution, instead there is both a symbolic and physical disassembly of the institution.

Reading Room

Music Library

Practice Room

Reading Garret

Entrance Foyer

Entrance Foyer

North Facade

Timber Roofscape

Ground Floor Plan

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01. The Space 02. Calton Music Centre 03. BAaD. 04. The Barrowland Ballroom 05. The Pipe Factory 06. St. Luke's

Massing & Tectonic Strategy

Location Plan

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Contextual Response

Recital Hall

Hybrid Glulam Flitch Plate Junction

Recital Hall