Da haben wir den Salat (A Vegan German Cookbook)

Initially planning on reviewing different cookbooks from different cuisines on their sustainability or ability to cater for different diets, I thought that it would be a much more personal project to make my own excerpt from a German vegan cookbook, featuring my favourite recipes from family, blogs and my own recipes that I ‘veganised’ over the years. I wanted the book to have an overall working concept and feel ‘German’. For this, I wanted to combine the old and rustic German with the new and minimal aesthetics of Dieter Rams. The book is accompanied by a range of photographs and illustrations that I created, one of which now also forms the cover of the book – a gilded sausage with nothing else on the cover apart from some embroidery on the spine. When you open the book the neon red endpapers are revealed and the name of the book – ‘Da haben wir den Salat’ (Now we have the salad), which is an idiom used in the same way as ‘being in a pickle’.