defying no good spaces; overview

This project is influenced by Atelier Bow-Wow, a Tokyo based architectural firm known for its research exploring urban conditions and micro / adhoc architecture. Using one of its research concept ‘dame’ as a guide to the project, I was interested to question and find out if such pet-like spaces can exist in Singapore, and relook into the stigma of leftover spaces. The in-betweenness of functional buildings creates these unintentional spaces, instead of leaving them underutilized what more can it function?

In my perspective, by stripping away the negative con- notation in ‘leftover’, it can be translated to ‘no good spaces’. No good spaces that are often overlooked and left unused, can be redefined purposefully. ‘No Good Space’ makes a suitable methodology as it can be represented a noun (a conclusive description of something less desirable as if a being), a verb (no good, less desirable) or an adjective (useless, unwanted or wasted). The ambiguity in it allows the spatial quality to be less suggestive, giving more openness to possibilities.

The project aims to redefine the stigma of no good spaces and allow the hidden value in them to be uncovered. I will uncover and highlight them, letting the public view and reflect on the possibilities of unscripted inhabitations within.