The Project

The aim is to design a skin facility that can manage, treat, educate and support those who suffer from various skin conditions, no matter the severity of a given condition, in one centred location.

To do this, I aim to incorporate and combine both dermatology (the professional) and the skin retail (commercial) environments to the skin facility design because of there being various levels in terms of the severity when it comes to the skin. Some may experience more serious, long-term, critical issues for example, where they may have to seek out medical help from professionals like dermatologists, while others however, may face milder and temporary problems that can be treated quicker, some even without the help of a dermatologist. Therefore, such serious-like treatments may not be necessary for these types of people, instead however, it offers them more access in terms of help by giving them the opportunity in terms of seeking out professional help and advice if concerned or need help understanding certain skin products/treatments etc. Thus, DERM__STETICS is all about inclusivity when it comes to dealing with our skin through its hybrid design – a space that aims to cater to all skin needs where critical and mild meet.

Furthermore, by creating this hybrid space it further aims to educate and encourage the user through its design to become more aware about our skin, how it functions, and how we can manage our skin/take care of it. As well as providing a wide plethora of information regarding of what is out there in terms of help and treatments that could be beneficial for people with skin conditions. Not only just for clients who I envision inhabiting the space, but also for the viewers of my work who potentially suffer from skin conditions too.

More info on the background and initial stages of my project are found in the contract/brief document link below.



situated at the Govan Graving Docks (No.1)