design for natural systems

Labour and Domesticity are interlinked, they are the two ends on a scale of our lives. Our labour does not directly respond to our domestic lives and we are seeing the failure of this system. We live dependent on natural resource; however, our productive activity and domestic lifestyle do not return what we take from the natural environment. We need to live in natural systems. To design for natural systems is to allow nature in the city, to learn from its function and to incorporate it into our lifestyles.

The design strives conceptual biomimicry from the self-sufficient masterplan to nature-first and resourceful approach to the block, to the tailored-to-lifestyle cell design. The building expresses a paradigm shift in its context. The design aims to create a more sustainable living environment and to reduce the building’s impact on its wider context. The design incorporates an urban farm into its programme to offset the land use and energy consumption of food production. The public programme of the building is aimed at repair, recycling, and responsible consumption. The building incorporates workshops for repair, laboratories for study and independent stores and community halls to aid circular economy in the area.

Exterior Visual

Site Location - Merchant City

Ground Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Seventh Floor Plan

Interior Model

Masterplan Model

Structural Model