design residency

The residency programmes will support artists and designers as they focus on a single creative project. It is a full-time, structured programme that provides residents with a space, innovative tools, and access to leaders in the fields of waste, sustainability, and design. The design residencies will explore particular bio-materials development, waste/sustainability research, community projects, etc. The spaces will enable concentration and experimentation while also being open to the public to peek in from a distance.

Each resident is given a modular pod made of waste-based sustainable building materials, containing a workspace on the ground floor and a residential studio on the upper floor. The pods are designed as private retreats with individual courtyards, allowing a place for contemplation and innovation in solace. This is a place to quietly develop ideas alone, in contrast to the industrial-scale communal workshop studios where conversation and critique are welcomed.

axo section of pod 1 design

plan drawing of accessible and non accessible pods floor 1 and 2