Different Place

A Different Place and is intended to serve as a 360 experience to ‘take you out of your head’ during an anxious or depressed time. The project is a direct reflection of my own situation currently. I have always struggled with my mental health, and now, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and continuous lockdowns, my mental health has only gotten worse. This seems to be the situation for so many people around the country. There is almost no escape from what is going on in the world. It isn’t safe outside – and being trapped inside makes everything worse. So, I wanted to build my own escape – which has been the pursuit of many artists and humans for centauries. We use art and imagination to extend, explore and augment our realities for many different reasons: documentation, expression and escapism. In recent years, VR has become a part of this.

The work consists of spatialised audio and a 360 environment up in the clouds. It is best viewed using a mobile device or VR headset. As you use your phone to explore the scene the audio will change. If viewing on a VR headset please view responsibly and adhere to the safety guidelines here.