Domesticity IS Labour, Housing for Single Mothers

For many people, the link between domesticity and labour is intertwined rather than seperate – aspects of domesticity are labour. In this project, labour is interpreted as a domestic sub-type. A study conducted in 2020 calculated that on average a person will spend 2 years on household chores. Therefore within this project, the most time-consuming tasks have been taken out of the living space and collectivised at ground floor level (of the entire scheme), removing the workload to a certain extent, and adjusting the living space to a simpler environment. Within this context, I have designed collective housing for single mothers where domestic labour such as housework and childcare is collectivised. A study conducted in 2018 determined that raising a child is the equivalent of 2.5 full time jobs. The 40 hour working week was also designed at a time when traditional gender roles meant there was one full time wage earner and one full time head of the household. It is unrealistic nowadays to expect a single adult to manage all of this. This project therefore aims to simplify and improve daily life.

1.20 model