Introduction to Domesticity.

The project aims to rethink/ relook at domestic life by forming new typologies of living arrangements.

In order to understand the way we live, I look into every day’s routines and objects. Based on the informed experiences of the physical space, I open up to possible transformations on the different types of dwellings. The main consideration of this project would be my family, as I am looking into my domestic life.

I have come to realize that we constantly tussle between our known thoughts that we experience and new knowledge that provides a different perspective on things, which lead me to discover the negotiation of spaces by occupants, an adaptation of roles within space and their behavioral expectations. Subsequently, presenting a series of observations that shed light into the real domesticity of Singapore.

The project comprises of three parts, each responding to my interests in spatial negotiation. They are:

1. Labour x Domesticity (Live, Work, Play), which looks at the reconstruction of my home, taking into consideration my family’s routines and space usage.

2. Gender x Domesticity (Gendered Spaces), which explores the use of spaces and activities in relation to their gender.

3. Pets x Domesticity (Catification), which opens up possibilities of having a collaborative environment between owners and their pets.