“an elegy is a poem of serious reflection, usually a lament for the dead.”

Shot on location back home, I was able to really document my surroundings and fabricate significant memories that each location holds there. I’ve struggled with the idea of everything changing since I’ve been gone, and the format and title of ‘elegy’ was most fitting for the text piece I had written. This is not about death, but renewal. A reflection on these past experiences and fleeting moments that cease to exist; that are dead, in a sense.

I produced the written work separate to the video. When filming, I film in a somewhat serendipitous way with no pre-planning or shot-list, and very little expectations for what may arise.

A still image of a grassy background with white text on top. The text reads: "ELEGY By Amy Brandon 2022"

Still of Elegy

an image of a monitor mounted on a wall. The monitor is playing the video piece "elegy"

Elegy and Teleportation

"Elegy" installed and playing at the degree show. Both 'Elegy' and 'teleportation' are playing on a looped reel.